Elena Blanco is an artist and illustrator based in London. She begun her creative practice as an architect working in different offices in Barcelona and in London. After a long career break looking after her young children, she started drawing and painting. Since 2016 she has been working as an artist and an illustrator. 

Elena's artwork is sold globally in different shops and online platforms. Her more commercial work, under the brand Dreamy Me is sold at IKEA | HABITAT | JOHN LEWIS and other department stores in Europe and the USA as well as in different online platforms such as ETSY | SOCIETY6 | FY | DENY DESIGNS.


Her original paintings can be bought at SAATCHI ART and THE ARTLING

The artwork sold here belongs to the collections Elena has created since 2020 and is exclusive to this shop.


I work my pieces very intuitively, with ink and watercolour. I love the unpredictability of these mediums. My process is one of exploration and discovery. I try to be receptive to whatever comes up.  Beauty is a big incentive for me. The beauty of colour as it appears on a piece of paper gives me lots of joy.

My background is in architecture so composition is important for me. However I develop it as I go, as in a dialogue with whatever comes up. The accidental is part of my process from the beginning. My subjects start from accidental encounters with images, books, films, dreams...  

I am inspired by everything. I believe the artist is this person who has an aesthetic attitude towards life. This means that their first concern with the world is not material, functional or moral. The artist looks at the world with curiosity and admiration, even with awe. From this attitude, the creative response emerges. 

I work in series of pieces that explore a theme, a colour or a technique. To most of them I keep going back through the years adding new pieces. I feel the possibilities are never exhausted.