Elena Blanco is a UK-based contemporary artist working with watercolour and ink creating print, painting, and drawing. Her work is often illustrative and takes inspiration from her architectural background, literature, cinema, dreams, philosophy, mythology, and religion.

She interacts with the unpredictability and fluidity of wet mediums to bring in the illusion of light and space, creating dreamy, evocative scenery sometimes populated by silhouettes and intriguing architectures that transport us to timeless landscapes reminiscent of voyage and unexplored territories.


Elena says:

“I’m fascinated by the fact that simple marks of ink and washes laid on a piece of paper can create such intriguing worlds. I like to think of my work as a poetic experience, both in the making and in the viewing.


My paintings are not offering messages of any kind or being answers to anything. They are the pure experience of the joy and playfulness of art making.


Art is a creative response to the creativity inherent in the world and operating at the same aesthetic level. The artist's interaction with the world is indeed aesthetic, without functionality, morality or utility. It comes from a vision full of wonder and curiosity. It has no specific agenda.


Like play, the work of art, both in the process of creation and in the process of contemplation, exercises a healing function bringing us closer to the pure state of being from which everything can emerge.


My process is a journey that begins with certain purposes that often get lost along the way. One thing leads to another. It's a process that escapes planning. The questions we asked in a piece remain relevant in the next one although transformed. It is a becoming without conclusion.

The accidental is part of the process from the beginning. Every contact has an impact on our mind and appears in one way or another in our work. New doors open up all the time. The possibilities are never exhausted.

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